Prep house for sale – 5 June 2018

Prep house for sale – 5 June 2018

A lovely older lady called us to prepare her house for sale with a long list of little jobs

  • Rebuild the spa pool enclosure
  • Paint the front steps
  • Waterblast pathways
  • Clean spouting
  • Wash the house
  • Fix the latch on the gate
  • Re-hang a door
  • Install a door knob
  • Install a smoke detector
  • Re-attach a roof filigree
  • Tidy up gardens
  • Hang mirrors
  • Replace some missing screws in various places
  • Stain the deck

At Handy Manners we specialise in doing everything. All those little jobs are great for us and we just take care of it for you. The whole job was done on time and on budget with another happy customer.

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