Property Tidy-Up 15 June 2018

Property Tidy-Up 15 June 2018

Landlord called Handy Manners to tidy up a property in preparation for new tenants moving in. His priority was that we had to be done by Thursday and we had to keep under a specified budget so we prioritised jobs and got as much as we could within budget. This was a typical list of lots of little stuff.

  1. Clean up rubbish around property
  2. Mow lawns
  3. Trim brush
  4. Clean up concrete rubble left by contractor who repaired the driveway
  5. Clean up fence waste left by contractor who repaired the fence
  6. Clean out weeds growing in spouting
  7. Plant new shrubs to replace shrubs in row that had died
  8. Weed gardens
  9. Sweep driveway

In the end, the hand weeding was taking more time than we had so we hand weeded the most visible gardens and sprayed the remaining weeds so they would die back later. That way we got the job done on time and on budget for another happy customer.


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