Property Tidy-Up 20 June 2018

Landlord hired Handy Manners to tidy up a tenanted property.  We had a long list of small jobs to complete including: House wash Waterblast steps Treat driveway with Wet & Forget Fix boundary fence Fix curtain rod Repair garage door Replace...

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Concrete Cutting – 8 June 2018

Got called to cut some concrete. The home owner wanted to put some drainage, wanted to do the work himself. But first he needed a 16m trench cut in the concrete patio so he could dig and lay the drainage pipe. Not a problem. We had that done in a...

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The Handy Manners Name

I wanted to do something different with my handyman business. I mean, it’s a pretty simple business to get into, but I wanted to focus on taking care of people. I believe that if you take care of people, then the business will prosper...

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