Covid-19 Policy

Covid-19 Policy

The New Zealand government has implemented changes to the way we live and work to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic and Handy Manners Ltd has the following policy to comply and minimise risk to our employees, suppliers and customers. Handy Manners provides service to housing, one of the 3 basic needs (food, shelter, clothing) that must be maintained through the current situation. By following recommendations and being careful, there is no reason we cannot continue to serve.

The NZ government is recommending sanitation and social distancing. The COVID-19 virus is easily killed with alcohol surface sanitizer or warm soap and water. Handy Manners policy is as follows:

  1. No human contact and maintain at least 2m distance from anyone
  2. Wash hands and wear gloves
  3. Wipe down all surfaces with appropriate disinfectant before leaving the job site.
  4. No cash payments, all payments must be made online
  5. No gifts or shared food (no food accepted from clients)

Handy Manners staff should not touch, shake hands or encroach within 2 meter of anyone, especially clients. Staff may require working within 2m of a co-worker but this should be minimised. Sharing tools may be required but gloves should be used to minimise contact. Staff must carry cleaning supplies at ALL times and all work must be wiped down before leaving the job site.

Customers are asked to keep yourself, and all family members and pets at least 2 meter from staff. No cash payments will be accepted and please do not offer gifts, food or even water to staff. They will have their own supplies, thank you.

We realise that some of this goes against our friendly Kiwi culture and our company culture of putting people first, but in the current situation we feel it is best to listen to the special recommendations of our government to protect everyone. We thank you for your cooperation.

Employees who fail to comply with this policy may be asked to not report for work until the pandemic is officially over and government recommendations are lifted.

Suppliers who fail to comply with this policy may not be used during the pandemic.

Customers who fail to comply may not be served. If Handy Manners or our staff feel that your actions (or inactions) are causing unreasonable risk, we may refuse further service with no refund.