Handy Manners,  The Courteous Craftsmen.
Courtesy, Competence & Consciousness

Handy Manners was started as a social enterprise in 2018 to help people back into the workforce. I have managed to operate Handy Manners over the last four years as a start-up and through a pandemic context, the focus of which has always been underpinned by taking care of our customers, staff and suppliers. As a social enterprise business, I know we have helped 45 people back into the work force across multiple ethnicities and 64% of our staff have gone on to better roles and opportunities in their professional lives.

So it is with great difficulty and extensive consideration since the beginning of 2022, that the decision has been made; Handy Manners will cease trading on Friday, 15 April, 2022. With the pandemic coming to a close, work in the industry sector although picking up, has made seeking work more abundant. Pay rates have increased significantly and the social enterprise need for the Handy Manners and the way the business was able to operate is no longer financially sustainable.

From Friday, 1 April 2022, Handy Manners ceased taking on new jobs. All ongoing jobs will be honoured and completed by our final working day, 14 April.

If you are a supplier or customer who has any current job roles on offer, please email lenny@handymanners.co.nz as I have some excellent staff seeking work (administration, call centre, retail, customer sales, trades, warehouse, painting) at this time. I can provide excellent references.

I want to personally thank all our staff, customers and suppliers for your support. This has all contributed to supporting 45 people and their families into work and greater opportunities in their lives. Thank you.


Our services


Our team will clean, fix, build, repair, mow, trim, and more, and if we can’t do it, it’s our job to arrange someone who can.


No cowboys or ruffians, just a bunch of guys who really enjoy fixing stuff and solving problems for you.


We won’t up-sell you to a gold-plated solution you don’t need and we won’t leave you with a “she’ll be right” patch that falls apart next week. We deliver a good quality job that will last, at a reasonable price.


We take your deadlines seriously and we can bring in bigger teams or bigger gear when needed to meet your deadlines and obligations.

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