About Handy Manners


In my career, my family, my community, and my charity work, what is important to me has always been taking care of people. Handy Manners is a handyman/property maintenance company that focuses on taking care of people. Being polite, courteous, and efficient while we fix things up for you matters. This starts with treating our team well too. Our team are good people who really enjoy fixing stuff and really enjoy seeing you smile.

I’ve spent the past 10 years as a business consultant, helping people start and grow companies, especially in the social enterprise / socially responsible business arena and I decided I wanted to go back to building my own company to address some of the issues that matter to me.

What matters most to me is people. In recent years I’m seeing far too many good people being pushed out of the job market for all the wrong reasons. I wanted to create a company that makes money by providing a service people actually need and creates jobs with dignity for people. According to Statistics New Zealand, South Auckland has the highest per-capita frequency of skilled manual labourers and the highest per-capita frequency of people on the benefit. I know these people, and many of them are good people, they deserve a chance, they deserve some dignity. I wanted to build a company to make a difference for them and for all of us.

By hiring good people who really want to work and treating them with respect we are building a team of good people who really enjoy fixing stuff for you. And because our team enjoys what we do, we take care of our customers better too.

The Handyman business has extremely tight margins and the level of management complexity is very high. I want to use my management experience to prove that I can make a profit by delivering high quality services and providing jobs with dignity. Welcome to Handy Manners, where we take care of our people so they take care of you.