Window Repair & Painting

Window Repair & Painting

Check out this window we fixed up. This old house really needed some up keep. The wood on the window frame was in very bad shape, so we repaired it, power washed the house and gave the house a new coat of paint.


Detail from site measurements:

This is a 100 year old house and it appears to be all native timber milled to imperial sizes. Expect all timber to have to be trimmed on a table saw or with a planer to fit. All measurements are approximate and you will have to go to site to remove timber to figure out exactly what profiles will be required. When removing cladding, inspect for evidence of structural damage and any additional repairs required will be discussed and priced separately. The bank has required that these items be repaired to comply with loan rules so work must be done to a standard that will pass building inspection.

Everything appears very solid but there are some trim pieces that are rotting and need replacement.

The windows have a kind of shelf or false sill extension on the sill and 2 windows need this replaced. The front left window, the sill timber wraps on 3 sides and is 320x1780x80 that needs to be replaced and the timber boxing on the side, 1800x2200x25 needs to be replaced as well.

Both windows need to be re-glazed

The Right and rear Left corners need to be replaced. This looks to be 120×20 boxing with a corner moulding and we will need at lest 12 linear meters (count on 18m to make sure we don’t leave joins)

Timber work needs to be fitted, sealed (exterior paintable silicon), finished and painted (scrape, sand, primer + 2 coats). Count on having to paint the entire window.

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