Working in Lockdown

Working in Lockdown

Handy Manners is a recognised essential service provider. We have been open for business and serving clients during level 4 lockdown, provided the work is essential for the safety and security of people in lockdown. During lockdown we got several calls and managed to convince all but 2 that the work could wait till after lockdown.

High winds broke a sign loose on a local dairy. Handy Manners was called out to remove the sign before it broke free and hit someone. The job was easily completed with no need for compromising social distance.

A family found a leaky pipe and Handy Manners was called out to secure the pipe. We managed to provide a temporary fix with materials on hand and will be back after lockdown with the correct gaskets to seal the pipe permanently.

Handy Manners is proud to be part of the team helping keep New Zealanders safe through this challenging time.

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